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More and more high school graduates and adults who have long been out of high school are attending college, yet the percentage of students who graduate with a bachelor's degree has remained relatively constant. Of course, this indicates that while more and more students value the importance of higher education, once at college, success is more difficult to attain than expected. So, what can you do about this situation?
First of all, a major reason that many students never complete their degrees has nothing to do with grades but everything to do with cost. The cost of tuition at both private and state colleges and universities has consistently outpaced inflation. Therefore, alternative means of financing has become of paramount importance to many students. Many students, therefore, enter the realm of searching for scholarships.
But how do you find scholarships? There are many means to finding out about scholarships, and there are even services to help you find scholarships. However, you should not have to pay for information on any scholarship. If there is a fee to apply for the scholarship, do not apply! More than likely, any scholarship or contest that looks for money is a scam, so just move on. Also, any service that requires payment for information on scholarships should be avoided. Any legitimate scholarship will advertise information free of charge, so with a little bit of research, you will be able to find the same scholarships that are provided by these services. But where do you look for this information? Of course, since the number of students now attending college has risen, the number of students applying for various scholarships has also risen.So how can you, as one of many vying for precious scholarship dollars, stand out from the pack? Some of the suggestions below seem simplistic, but the truth is most of the errors that ultimately disqualify scholarship candidates are simple errors.

Of course, many scholarship applications require an essay about a specific topic or answering a specific question. These essays almost always have parameters that must be met, such as a limited number of words or pages. If you go beyond these parameters, more than likely your entire application will be disqualified.

For additional help on writing a scholarship essay, view "Fitting the Pieces Together: Writing a Great Scholarship Essay." This Powerpoint will provide important pointers and additional sources that will help you get the scholarship you both need and deserve.

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