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Why should you read quotes by other people? First of all, one of the best ways to become a better writer is to read what other writers have written. What sentence structure did he use? What vivid vocabulary did she choose? Studying these tricks of the trade allows the developing writer to emulate good writing. Use the models, but make sure to give credit to the source. Furthermore, a great way to gain inspiration or to develop a hook for an essay is to use a quote that you agree or disagree with as a jumping off point. Moreover, a great way to become a better reader is to read excellent, profound quotes.

If you would like help on using a quote as a hook in the introduction of an essay, go to the "Power Points" tab of this website and look at the "How to Write an Introduction" Power Point in the "High School and College Writers" section.

Read and enjoy these quotes by famous, infamous, and not-so-famous people.

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