Major Reading Project Heuristic

In order to plan a good essay, a series of questions often helps to organize thoughts and ideas. By following the heuristic below, you will be able to write a well-planned essay about your Major Reading Project. These questions are not to be listed and then answered!
The writing project must be written in paragraph form, and there must be five paragraphs in your essay. You will be writing a descriptive essay that describes important parts of the story. You may use the questions below to assist you, or you may develop your own questions to write your essay. However, you are required to turn in a well-developed five-paragraph essay about the book you choose to read.
Should you have any questions about this assignment, please ask Mrs. Wishart for assistance.

This assignment must be turned in prior to taking the final exam.

For other heuristics and lists of questions that can help you with all of your writing assignments for Reading and English courses, you may decide to visit some of the sites listed below:

The questions below are recommended to guide your writing for this assignment:

Also note: the paper should be written in present tense. Whenever writing about literature write as if the story is being written right now.