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The Hispanic-American population is the fastest growing population in the United States. Yet in many American schools, the proud heritage of this ethnicity is often ignored. The quotations below are from notable Latinos across the world. Perhaps reading quotes will encourage you to do further research on each person as well. If you would like more information, click on each name to follow the link to a short biography about each person.

Isabel Allende

  • "How can one not speak about war, poverty, and inequality when people who suffer from these afflictions don't have a voice to speak?"

  • "Write what should not be forgotten."

  • "We live in an era where masses of people come and go across a hostile planet, desolate and violent. Refugees, emigrants, deportees. We are a tragic contingent."

  • "I write from the womb, not from the mind."

Julia Alvarez

  • "The point is not to pay back kindness but to pass it on."

  • "Everyone needs a strong sense of self. It is our base of operations for everything that we do in life."

  • "A novel is not, after all, a historical document, but a way to travel through the human heart."

Rudolfo A. Anaya

  • "We are split by ethnic boundaries; we are a border people, half in love with Mexico and half suspicious, half in love with the United States and half wondering if we belong."

  • "There are so many dreams to be fulfilled, but Ultima says a man's destiny must unfold itself like a flower, with only the sun and the earth and water making it blossom, and no one else meddling in it."

  • "There are many gods... gods of beauty and magic, gods of the garden, gods in our own backyards - but we go off to foreign countries to find new ones, we reach to the stars to find new ones."

  • "Sometime in the future I would have to build my own dream out of those things that were so much a part of my childhood."

Jimmy Santiago Baca

  • "Death draws respect and fear from the living. Death offers no false starts."

  • "Your words, Portate bien, resonate in me, and I obey in my integrity, my kindnes, my courage, as I am born again in the suffering of my people, in our freedom, our beauty, our dual-faced, dual-cultured, two-songed sould and two hearted-culture..."

  • "I throw my heart into the well, and it falls a shimmering pebble to the bottom."

  • "Look deep to find the grains of hope and strength, and sing, my brothers and sisters, and sing."

  • "I can live with myself, and I am amazed at myself, my love, my beauty, I am taken by my failures, astounded by my fears, I am stubborn and childish, in the midst of this wreckage of life they incurred, I practice being myself, and I have found parts of myself never dreamed of by me..."

Joan Baez

  • "Action is the antidote to despair."

  • "I've never had a humble opinion. If you've got an opinion, why be humble about it?"

  • "The words have just crawled down my sleeve and come out on the page."

  • "The only thing that's been a worse flop than the organization of non-violence has been the organization of violence."

  • "The easiest kind of relationship is with ten thousand people, the hardest is with one."

Pablo Casals

  • "Each person has inside a basic decency and goodness. If he listens to it and actons on it, he is giving a great deal of what it is the world needs most."

  • "I feel the capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance."

  • "Man has made many machines, complex and cunning, but which of them indeed rivals the working of his heart?"

  • "Music will save the world."

  • "The child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn't been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him."

Miguel De Cervantes

  • "A person dishonored is worst than dead."

  • "A private sin is not so prejudicial in this world, a public indecency."

  • "Alas! all music jars when the soul's out of tune."

  • "Diligence is the mother of good fortune, and idleness, its opposite, never brought a man to the goal of any of his best wishes."

  • "Every man is the son of his own works."

  • "In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd."

Cesar Chavez

  • "If you really want to make a friend, go to someone's house and eat with him... The people who give you their food give you their heart."

  • "In some cases non-violence requires more militancy than violence."

    Our language is the reflection of ourselves. A language is an exact reflection of the character and growth of its speakers."

  • "Preservation of one's own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures."

  • "We need to help students and parents cherish and preserve the ethnic and cultural diversity that nourishes and strengthens this community - and this nation."

  • "You are never strong enough that you don't need help."

Linda Chavez

  • "We have created not a Brave New World, but a vulgar marketplace, where human attributes come with a price tag."

  • "Until more Hispanic parents begin insisting their kids go on to college, Hispanic educational attainment -- and lifetime earnings -- will lag behind other groups."

  • "We need to let the world know it is possible to celebrate long years of married life. But it doesn't happen by accident. Marriage requires commitment to something greater than ourselves. And if those of us who have succeeded at marraige aren't willing to lead the way, who will?"

Sammy Davis, Jr.

  • "All I really had was my talent. Without that I wouldn't be welcome in the White House."

  • "Bogart could have been color blind. He got to know a man before he decided if he liked him or not."

  • "Real success is not on the stage, but off the stage as a human being, and how you get along with your fellow man."

  • "The ultimate mystery is one's own self."

Cameron Diaz

  • "I don't care how smart a kid you are. The only way you learn what's not right is from experience."

  • "I'm a pretty girl who's a model who doesn't suck as an actress."

  • "Your regrets aren't what you did, but what you didn't do."

Jaime Escalante

  • "The day someone quits school he is condemning himself to a life of poverty."

  • That's the point. It goes like this: Teaching is touching life."

  • "One of the greatest things you have in life is that no one has the authority to tell you what you want to be. You're the one who'll decide what you want to be."

  • "Respect yourself and respect the integrity of others as well."

  • The greatest thing you have is your self image, a positive opinion of yourself. You must never let anyone take it from you."

David Glasgow Farragut

  • "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!"

Andy Garcia

  • Children make you a better everything. Daughters open up a whole different sensibility to you. When you have children, it focuses you on them as opposed to on yourself."

  • "I'm a staunch anti-Castro individual."

  • "Everything I do in my life is very instinctual and in the moment."

  • "I've had my moments of insanity. But there is a certain responsibility to set proper examples for your children, and that influences your choices in every aspect of your life."

Jerry Garcia

  • "America is still mostly xeonphobic and racist. That's the nature of America, I think."

  • "Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil."

  • "For me, the lame part of the Sixties was the political part, the social part. The real part was the spiritual part."

  • "I'm shopping around for something to do that no one will like."

  • "Talk about your plenty, talk about your ills. One man gathers what another man spills."

Ellen Ochoa

  • "I tell students that the opportunities I had were a result of having a good educational background. Education is what allows you to stand out."

  • "I'm not trying to make every kid an astronaut, but I want kids to think about a career and the preparation they'll need."

  • "What everyone in the astronaut corps shares in common is not gender or ethnic background, but motivation, preseverance, and desire - the desire to participate in a voyage of discovery."

Bill Richardson

  • "Education enables people and societies to be what they can be."

  • "Few needs are more pressing, more deserving of our attention, than taking care of the men and women of the U.S. armed forces."

  • "I choose bold. I choose action. I choose what's right for the people. I choose to make a difference."

  • "Ignorance has always been the weapon of tyrants; enlightenment the salvation of the free."

  • "Raising a family is difficult enough. But it's even more difficult for single parents struggling to make ends meet. They don't need more obstacles. They need more opportunities."

Geraldo Rivera

  • "What four-letter word do they have in mind?... Hero?"

  • "It's not a question of subjectivity. It's about reality."

  • "I must be doing something right. I've been around for a long time."

  • "It is impressive to see how many Latinos are in the U.S. military. This is the most integrated institution in American society."

  • "Reject racial or religious hate. Embrace moderate Islam."

  • "The courage in journalism is sticking up for the unpopular, not the popular."

  • "When a Spanish man cries it's not a sign of weakness."

Charlie Sheen

  • "As kids we're not taught how to deal with success; we're taught how to deal with failure. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. If at first you succeed, then what?"

  • "Fame is empowering. My mistake was that I thought I would instinctively know how to handle it. But there's no manual, no training course."

  • "I think what drove me insane for a long time is feeling like I hadn't earned most of what I achieved because it came so fast."

  • "There have to be more important things going on in the world than my past."

Martin Sheen

  • "And Jesus in all of his teaching was very clear about the heart of the law, not the letter. And I think we have to remember that we are human first."

  • "Anybody who plays golf will tell you that you play against yourself."

  • "George Bush is like a bad comic working the crowd; a moron, if you'll pardon the expression."

  • "I am not the President. I hold an even higher office, that of citizen of the United States."

  • "War at this time and in this place is unwelcome, unwise, and simply wrong."

Piri Thomas

  • "Bravo, Luis Rodriguez, for the beauty of a strong singular voice."

  • "Damn, oh damn,damn damn damn, I did want that job, but I was the wrong color. Hear that sisters, hear that brothers, I was the wrong color."

  • "Writing has such a power for expression."

  • "The streets got life, man, like a young tender sun, and gentleness like long awaited dreams to come."

  • "I got a feeling of aloneness and a bitternes that's growing and growing Day by day into some kind of hate without un nombre."

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