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The following websites will provide assistance to locate information to guide lessons, build personal background information, and open a discourse for understanding African-American culture, literature, the African Diaspora, African folktales, and related topics. The sites will also encourage that topics taught are broadened beyond usual topics, which include:
  • Slavery
    • Harriet Tubman
    • Sojourner Truth
    • Underground Railroad
    • Civil War
  • Civil Rights Movement
    • Martin Luther King, Jr.
    • Rosa Parks
    • Brown vs. Board of Education
By assuring that all eras of American history and experiences are taught in an inclusionary manner, we can encourage a deeper understanding of the importance of respect for ethnic diversity within the American society.

Information on New Jersey Amistad Law and Amistad Commission
Links to Primary Sources for Research on the African-American Experience
Links to Games, Activities, and Classroom Resources
Amistad Law - provides the original bill instituting the Amistad Commission in New Jersey.

You Tube - view the writer of the Amistad Law, Assemblyman William Payne

NJ Apologizes for Slavery - USA Today article reports on this historic event.

NJ Senate Education Committee - provides statement made by the New Jersey Senate Education Committee Statement to the Assembly finding in favor of the Amistad Law.

The National Archives - access to primary documents and lessons to teach about the Amistad Case.

Quaker Accounts of the Underground Railroad - primary documents and readings of Quakers involved in the Underground Railroad.

The African-American Mosaic: Western Migration and Homesteading - Land grants, geneology charts, the Kansas Experience, and African-American female workers during WWI.

United States v. The Amistad - first-hand account of the trial held to allow Africans who escaped on The Amistad to return back to their homeland.

The Emancipation Proclamation - transcript of this historic document as recorded by the National Archives.

Reconstruction and Jim Crow Laws - photos and primary documents that reveal experiences and controversies during the Reconstruction Period.

PBS: Africans in America - provides background information, teacher's guides, and resources on the African-American experience from 1450 - 1865.

The Liberty Bell: From Obscurity to Obsession - some civil rights protestors chose Liberty Bell to symbolize equality. By studying the bell's history, their reasons become clear.

African Stereotypes: Let's Be Fair - designed for early elementary students. Discusses various stereotypes in American culture in order to assist students in building background information about the term. Moves on to identifying stereotyping words used to describe Africa, and provides proper terms.

PBS: Africa for Kids - enjoy pictures of Africa, play and listen to thumb piano, make a mask, or listen to a Swahili folktale! Designed for students in grades kindergarten through 2.

National Geographic - excellent lesson plans for grades kindergarten through 12. From Ancient Egypt to geographical makeup, from artwork to a discussion of AIDS, these lessons will provide students with a broad understand and appreciation of Africa.

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