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The links listed below will help you find out information about including diverse literature in your literacy block and in your Social Studies lessons through read alouds. Lessons also integrate other subjects, such as math, music, and art into the literacy block. Why through read alouds? Read about the importance of read alouds for all students, especially struggling readers.

What is "The Amistad Movement?" Are these lessons only for African-American students? The Literacy Link: Isn't this Social Studies? What does this have to do with literacy? The Importance of Read Alouds in all grades (that includes middle school and high school!)

Kindergarten to Grade 5 Suggested Book Titles

Sample Lesson Plans to Get You Started

Great Internet Sites for Help and Insight

A Closer Look at
Little Black Sambo

New Jersey Amistad Commission Grant Information

New Jersey Amistad Commission Mission Information

An Explanation of the Far Reaching Effects of the Jim Crow Laws

"Colorblindness: The New Racism?"
an Important Article by Teaching Tolerance

"The Linguistics of Color Blind Racism"
as published in Critical Sociology

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Quotable Quotes for Writing Inspiration

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Amistad Grant Lesson Plans and Information
Help With Reading Comprehension

Writing Scholarship Essays

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